Who we are

Museums are institutions that conserves a collection of artifacts and other objects of artistic, cultural, historical, or scientific importance. They preserve our natural and cultural history and give us a glimpse of a bygone era and also celebrates human achievement. Visiting museums gives us a better understanding of our history, our fellow citizens and our world.


The Museums and Heritage Services of the Mpumalanga Department of Culture Sport and Recreation aims to promote respect for cultural diversity in South Africa and appreciation of our natural heritage. The Museum Service therefore sets out to build understanding and pride of our diverse heritage through the affiliated museums.


  • To establish, upgrade and maintain museum infrastructure.
  • To facilitate access to museum facilities and programmes.
  • To achieve international standards in collections care and management.
  • To transform museum content and museum exhibitions.
  • To entrench quality education services for schools and provide opportunities for lifelong learning for all.
  • To ensure service excellence at museums in the major centres.


Stimulating creativity and the spirit of enquiry

Museums help people to understand the world by using objects and ideas to interpret the past and present, and explore the future.

Entertaining and educating museum visitors.

Museums are there to preserve and research collections, and make objects and information accessible in actual and virtual environments.

Providing opportunities for learning.

Enabling the use of collections and associated information to expand human knowledge.

Supporting Tourism

Museums are there for supporting local economies through tourism and by creating a local identity. Museums are established in the public interest as permanent, not-for-profit organizations that contribute long-term value to local communities.

Creating security during times of social change

Offering opportunities for personal development for individuals and communities to develop, a better understanding of their role in society, pride in their heritage and appreciation of cultural diversity.

Giving us a sense of pride

Providing a sense of pride of place and social cohesion and inclusion provincially.